“Did Man land on the Moon? “- Mitos Manusia Pertama Ke Bulan Adalah Palsu, Angkasawan Negara Menjawab.

Hiburan Santai Semasa

Sebelum ini pernah ada teori menyatakan bahawa ia hanyalah satu konspirasi barat.

Nama Neil Amstrong merupakan nama yang cukup dikenali sebagai manusia pertama yang menjejakkan kaki ke bulan. Namun, timbul idea yang menyatakan bahawa semua itu hanyalah mitos dan konspirasi barat semata-mata.

Dipetik daripada Awani, Angkasawan Negara, Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor menjawab mitos ini dan menceritakan pengalamannya bertemu dengan manusia pertama dunia menjejak kaki ke bulan itu sendiri.

“Manusia memang menjejakkan kaki ke bulan, malah 12 manusia sudah ke sana. Saya sendiri berjumpa dengan Armstrong dan dua lagi manusia (yang pergi ke bulan), bahkan ada antara mereka yang masih hidup.

“Saya sendiri telah pergi ke NASA dan melihat teknologi yang mereka ada untuk melancarkan roket angkasa lepas jadi amat penting untuk kita mendidik masyarakat di luar sana khususnya para pelajar agar mereka sedar betapa pentingnya mempelajari ilmu sains,”, katanya.

Amstrong telah meninggal dunia pada 2012 ketika beliau berusia 82 tahun.


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Video – Astro Awani today celebrating 50th Anniversary of Moon Landing . Many asked me “ Did Man land on the Moon ? “ I blamed it on the many documentaries that says it was just a hoax . I have met 4 men who landed on the moon including Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin sharing their valuable experience. I have been to NASA and seen their technologies . It was surreal but it’s true . In fact 12 men have landed on the moon from Apollo 11-17 except for Apollo 13 . NASA is planning to send the first woman to the moon in 2024 and the selection has already begun . Just sharing … Salam Everyone . Love As Always … PS – Forgive me for speaking like a bullet train . There’s so much I wanted to share but so little time …

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Video – My launch to Space – Part IV My landing back to Earth was an Emergency landing – A ballistic Reentry. Normally the Soyuz lands exactly where it’s supposed to land as all are based on calculations . But we landed way off 450 km from the landing site but still on the dessert of Kazakhstan . As I recall back the experience … it still gives shivers to my spine . As we enter the atmosphere we were turning & tumbling for several minutes. We start to experience 9G’s compressing on our chest … We just couldn’t breathe … Like an elephant sitting on your chest .. The parachute starts to open up .. I could see the fire burning outside the rocket … We hit the ground so hard that everything was on fire … We had to wait 45 minutes before the rescue team were able to locate us … The Russians prepared us well for these … The 1st time I came back to Earth I was too weak and can’t even lift my finger … I was walking wobbly … two people have to carry me But then it was all worth it … The training , the journey … I’d do it again in a heartbeat … Alhamdulillah – I realised then that I’ve finally achieved my ultimate dream … Good Morning Everyone … Just sharing … Love As Always … PS – To be an astronaut- you need to have the right stuff Physically, mentally & psychologically. Anyone can do it – You just need to follow your dream . Do subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more videos .

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