“One whole year of you in our life…” Cukup 1 Tahun, Nora Danish Throwback Gambar Comel NeyNey.

Mohamed Neqayl atau lebih dikenali sebagai NeyNey, anak kepada pasangan Bossned dan Nora Danish pernah dikecam netizen didakwa tidak comel seperti bayi yang lain. Mana tidaknya, itu kan masa bayi lagi. Cuba lihat foto-foto NeyNey terkini, comel sangat dengan senyuman manis dan pipi dia tu!

Hari ini genap usia NeyNey cecah 1 tahun seperti yang dikongsi Nora Danish di Instagramnya. Nora Danish juga menceritakan saat manis dikurniakan NeyNey dalam hidupnya dan suami.

‘I say this to you on your first birthday’

22 February 2019 / 9.02am : Today is your first birthday. One whole year of you in our life. One year of holding you, kissing you, cuddling you, feeding you, rocking you to sleep, changing your diaper, watching you grow. You came in a hurry sayang. 8 months dah keluar. Phew!! tak sabar betul anak mommy But U were strong & healthy , Alhamdullilah. Your weight was 2.97kg son !  must be the ‘Tomahawk’ that your father fed me during the pregnancy !! Lol. 

We have watched you learn to hold your head up, roll over, crawl, and walk along the couch. You have a TEMPER which is wonderfully displayed when you get frustrated with something. You have a special place in your heart for both mommy and daddy. Lately you have been really clinging to your dad which makes your daddy smile the biggest smile. I cannot wait to see that relationship flourish as you grow. You (alhamdullilah ) still love to snuggle. When you need mommy you show it. Those are the moments I cling to the most. Those moments will soon fade but I will always have the memories to treasure.

So Mohamed Neqayl , I say this to you on your first birthday. You continue to bless us with your laughter, your inquisitiveness, your joy, your attitude, and your love. You are the final piece to this NENO puzzle. So thank you for the wonderful memories of this past year and I cannot wait to see what this year brings. We love u son. 

Hari ini genap usia baby NeyNey setahun dilahirkan Nora Danish. Bagaimanapun, Nora Danish turut menyifatkan kehadiran anaknya ini sebagai pelengkap kepada keluarganya bersama suami, Bossned. Nora Danish juga mengharapkan hubungan cinta antara mereka sekeluarga terus kekal terjalin buat selamanya. Tambahnya lagi, dia juga tidak sabar untuk melihat anaknya ini meningkat usia.

Selamat ulang tahun baby NeyNey! Kami kongsikan kepada anda beberapa foto baby Neyney ye.

Alahai comelnya

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